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Connected Car

Connected Car

Xperi® technologies improve your ride by making it safer and more enjoyable. DTS® and HD Radio® enable extraordinary in-vehicle infotainment experiences by delivering rich digital radio solutions, immersive audio decoding, audio post-processing, and more. Xperi’s broadcaster-focused solutions: HD Radio, TiVo®, AIM® (all in media), and Arctic Palm®, provide radio companies with the tools necessary to deliver the best experiences to listeners. Our safety solutions enable advanced in-cabin monitoring systems at all levels. DTS® AutoSense™ develops and delivers imaging solutions including driver monitoring, occupant monitoring, iris identification, advanced biometrics, and more.

Connected Media

Built on the largest and deepest data set of broadcast and music metadata, DTS AutoStage™ is a global hybrid solution that combines linear broadcast with IP-delivered content for a richer, more personalized in-cabin infotainment experience. DTS AutoStage enhances the radio experience by adding internet connectivity to deliver additional benefits and features such as on-air radio program information, talent, artist, and song station contact, as well as lyrics, related events in nearby venues, internet-only content, podcasts and more. DTS AutoStage is compatible with the following Global Radio formats: analog FM, DAB+, and HD Radio. Its global platform has content sourced from 78,000+ radio stations, 100,000+ broadcasts, 40+ million tracks, 4+ million albums, 1+ million artist bios, all aggregated, curated and personalized to create the richest, most relevant, in-vehicle radio listening for its users and featuring easy content discovery for a more user-friendly and convenient experience.

In Cabin Monitoring

Dedicated to safety and experience, DTS AutoSense is a suite of computer vision solutions designed for in-cabin monitoring applications in the automotive market. Our solutions use advanced AI designed and implemented to meet the toughest automotive requirements. These solutions provide high accuracy detection, classification and analytics of all the passengers inside the vehicle, enabling a safer and more personalized journey experience. Our holistic approach on various systems and sensor configurations coupled with over 15 years of experience help us tune our solutions to specific requirements, ensuring very high levels of quality and performance.