July 12, 2019

Xperi to Demonstrate Driver Monitoring and Hybrid Radio Solutions at Auto Engineering Expo in Nagoya

We are excited to be participating in the 2019 Automotive Engineering Exposition in Nagoya next week.  This event represents the automotive engineering community coming together to discuss and preview the latest advancements in technology.  This year, Xperi will be represented with an exhibit space to feature a few of our automotive solutions.  Visit us at Stand 36.

For In-cabin Imaging, we will be demonstrating our latest Driver Monitoring Solution (DMS) from FotoNation that focuses on understanding the drivers’ movements and behavior to deliver analytics that enhances the experience inside the vehicle.  Our FotoNation DMS solution will feature several detections; Head Position, Eye Gaze, Face Detection, Facial Features, Eye-Opening Levels, and Classification.  In addition to these driver detections, our DMS solution will demonstrate support for occlusions, gesture control, and emotion detection.

in cabin monitoring

In addition to our In-cabin imaging demos, our DTS Connected Radio® platform will be on display.  DTS Connected Radio provides the automotive industry with the largest global direct-from-source radio metadata solution; more than any other hybrid radio solution.  Working directly with an established global network of broadcasters, DTS Connected Radio delivers feature-rich HMI capabilities, flexible design, low data/compute resources, and a single source for a new in-vehicle radio experience.

connected radio screen

At Xperi, our teams are developing leading computer vision solutions for the vehicle and global infotainment solutions that take the in-vehicle experience to the next level.  We’re excited to have these solutions on display at the 2019 Automotive Engineering Expo in Nagoya and look forward to connecting with our partners there!

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