February 5, 2021

The People Who Make DBI Possible

A Conversation with the Xperi Hybrid Bonding Team

In the world of heterogeneous integration, hybrid bonding — and in particular, Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI®) is quickly becoming the preferred permanent bonding path for forming high- density interconnects in a multitude of applications, from image sensors and MEMS devices, and most recently memory — with RF devices and logic poised for take- off. Since it was first conceived in the mid-80s by Paul Enquist, Q.Y. Tong, and Gill Fountain in the labs at Research Triangle Institute (RTI), DBI has proven to be a game-changer for its elegance and simplicity. It creates a dielectric-to-dielectric bond, and the interconnection is formed by metal-to-metal contact through a low temperature process.

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