January 27, 2021

Rave Reviews for TiVo’s Pindrop Partnership!

With the partnership announcement of TiVo and Pindrop this week, media coverage has been buzzing about the what’s possible between the entertainment brand and voice authentication company. The short version is an enhanced video streaming search experience made possible by voice-enabled personalization. See what the experts had to say in the reviews below.


Digital Trends


“Being able to ID someone using their voice has a lot of advantages (some of which we’ll discuss later) but in the context of a streaming media platform like TiVo, the biggest benefit is helping users get to the movies, TV shows, and other content that they’re most likely interested in seeing.”


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Tech Crunch


“TiVo made a big push with its Alexa integration a little over two years ago, but the switch to Pindrop’s services shows that there’s a robust market for voice-enabled services and providers are moving from different markets to compete on Amazon and Google’s home turf.”


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Cord Cutters


“With this technology, a user can ask “What should I watch?” and the TiVo service will tailor the results personalized to conent that speaker is most likely to watch and enjoy. While if a different member of the household asks the same question, they’ll get different recommendations based on their viewing preferences without having to switch profiles since the service can distinguish voices.”


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Fierce Video


“We believe that with our state-of-the-art voice authentication technology combined with TiVo’s expertise in the OTT video space, we’ll be able to unlock new experiences for consumers across the globe… and we’re just getting started,” said Pindrop CEO Vijay Balasubramaniyan in a statement.


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TV Tech

“The Pindrop technology is able to analyze more than 250 specific biological and behavioral voice characteristics, like frequency, harmonics of speech, rhythm, style, tone and emotions, the press release says. Pindrop provides an independent and platform-agnostic solution.”


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