March 15, 2019

HD Radio Leads Analog Radio Ecosystem Into Digital Age

In an interview with Jeff Jury, Xperi GM of Automotive, Jury noted that HD Radio is “providing the path for radio stations to compete in the cluttered dash of the future and maintain and grow their audiences.” HD Radio provides features previously impossible via analog. This information includes song titles, artist images and commercial opportunities like advertisements.

Because of HD Radio’s technology, automotive brands, broadcasters and audiences have all embraced the technology. Currently, there are 40 automotive manufacturers are shipping vehicles in North America with HD Radio and 4,300 stations broadcasting digitally. Additionally, 79% of U.S. radio audiences listen to an HD Radio supported station every week.

As Jury emphasizes, “it is imperative that radio keep up with the times, offering a product that meets the needs of today’s consumer – easy to access, offering text and visual information along with audio, and wider choice. HD Radio addresses these needs, and moves the last analog mass medium in the world into the digital age.”

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