April 11, 2018

DTS Connected Radio to integrate with Worldwide Radioplayer

Xperi Corporation, is pleased to announce a partnership between its wholly owned subsidiary, DTS, a global leader in high-definition audio solutions, and Radioplayer Worldwide, one of the world’s leading streaming radio content aggregation platforms, to develop and integrate DTS® Connected Radio™ technology into future vehicles via the Worldwide Radioplayer API (WRAPI). The DTS Connected Radio platform will enable an engaging in-car radio experience for drivers around the world.

“Radioplayer has been a leader in developing innovative solutions for the broadcast radio industry for nearly a decade and will be a valuable partner in delivering a consistent hybrid radio experience on a global basis,” said Jeff Jury, general manager, automotive at Xperi. “We have a very close and long-term working relationship with Radioplayer and are excited to extend that relationship to include a world-class in-car radio experience.”

“Radioplayer’s all about keeping radio simple,” said Michael Hill, managing director at Radioplayer. “This is especially important in the car, where a driver’s attention needs to be focused on the road. That’s why we’re pleased to support the DTS Connected Radio platform, alongside other hybrid radio solutions for the dashboard. The thousands of Radioplayer stations across all our member countries are proud to be part of this new platform.”

The Worldwide Radioplayer API builds on the innovative ‘Radioplayer Car’ upgrade system. The system automatically follows the listener’s favorite stations across DAB, FM, and streaming, as reception varies. As well as enabling ‘hybrid’ switching between broadcast and streaming as reception varies, the new data feed can power next-generation features such as personalized radio recommendations, search results, and catch-up content.

Utilizing an IP connection installed in a vehicle, DTS Connected Radio delivers an innovative analog and digital (DAB and HD Radio®) AM/FM experience by pairing broadcast programming with IP-delivered content. DTS Connected Radio aggregates metadata, such as artist and song information, on-air radio program information, station contact information and more, directly from broadcasters around the world to deliver an enhanced, cohesive visual experience in the vehicle.

The number of countries adopting the Radioplayer technology is set to rise steeply in coming years, as more and more broadcasters decide to collaborate and pool resources. Automotive integrations are at the top of the list of priorities for Radioplayer, given radio’s huge importance to drivers, but they also develop world-leading radio apps, and innovative voice-control interfaces.

For more information about DTS, please visit www.dts.com or connect with DTS on Facebook, Twitter (@DTS) and Instagram (@DTS).

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