January 12, 2018

Bringing Better Audio Home | CES 2018

The final day of CES 2018 has finally arrived and we’re taking a deeper look at some highlights from the Immersive Home Theater and Wireless Multi-Room Audio segments.

If you’ve been looking for an outdoor, all-weather, DTS Play-Fi compatible speaker look no further! Soundcast debuted the VG10 to join its lineup of Play-Fi speakers. READ MORE: CEPro coverage.

Coming back inside the home, Creative Labs announced DTS:X support for its X-Fi Sound Carrier sound bar, which is music to our ears. This is backed with 17 drivers in a 15.2 configuration and is available via a firmware update.

Meanwhile, Nakamichi hosted an unbranded audio sound bar shoot out where guests were treated to sound from three different bars and asked to rate each based on sound quality. The winner? See below 🙂

Owner’s of DTS Play-Fi enabled Klipsch devices, like Brandon Paul (below), got an awesome bonus this morning as Klipsch announced Amazon Alexa support via Play-Fi. Controlling whole-home audio just got better!

Finally, speaking of DTS Play-Fi enabled speakers, SVS announced the new Prime Wireless series speakers which are expected to be released this spring and continue the company’s reputation for awesome sound at a reasonable price point.

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