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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Adeia’s fundamental innovations shape the way millions of people explore and experience entertainment and enhance billions of devices in an increasingly connected world. We license our patented innovations for use with traditional linear television both in North America and internationally, and increasingly in connection with OTT, direct-to-consumer, and social media services that provide access to entertainment inside and outside the home on a broad array of devices.


From the original TV Guide magazine in the 1950s, to the introduction of on-screen, electronic and interactive program guides, we created the interface to viewing television. And, we continue to deliver innovative, award-winning innovations that help consumers navigate an increasingly complex universe of content.


From early recording technologies on VCRs to the first DVR launched by TiVo® to the latest cloud-based solutions accessible from any device, our innovations provide consumers with the freedom to watch video at any time, on any device and in any location.


With the rising cost and complexity of developing cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing processes, the industry is increasingly looking beyond Moore’s Law towards advanced packaging and 3D integration technologies. Leveraging the combination of our highly experienced technologists, scientists and engineers and our advanced labs, we develop industry-leading 3D integration solutions such as hybrid bonding.