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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Xperi’s® fundamental innovations and technology have shaped the way hundreds of millions of people access and enjoy entertainment, and how billions of devices power an increasingly connected world.

Media Licensing

At Xperi, we support the entire digital entertainment ecosystem, from content creation through consumption by broadly licensing our groundbreaking innovations. No matter how an organization contributes to the digital entertainment world—as a cable or satellite operator, OTT service, content provider, or consumer—it can count on Xperi to provide the foundation to build next-generation solutions. Through our licensing program, we enable our customers to use our innovations in user interfaces, voice command and control, search, recommendations, DVR, VOD, multi-screen and more.


Xperi is a leading innovator in the semiconductor industry with a long history of developing and broadly licensing foundational semiconductor processing, packaging and interconnect IP and technologies to industry leaders. As the limits of Moore’s Law are being challenged, the semiconductor industry is looking beyond conventional 2D scaling techniques to 3D structures, packages and interconnect innovations. Xperi’s Invensas 3D integration technology and IP portfolio have achieved fundamental advances to satisfy the demanding size, performance and functionality requirements of the electronics today and tomorrow. In particular, Invensas ZiBond® direct bonding, DBI® and DBI Ultra hybrid bonding technologies are ideal for meeting the need of beyond Moore 3D semiconductor era in imaging, RF, DRAM, High Bandwidth Memory, 3D NAND Flash or high-performance computing devices.