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Consumer Experience

Consumer Experience

Building smarter technology across many devices, Xperi’s TiVo®, DTS®, IMAX Enhanced®, and Perceive® brands create extraordinary consumer experiences in the home and on the go.


Intelligent solutions from our DTS and TiVo brands enable incredible entertainment experiences in the home. Whether it’s DTS:X® immersive sound in a home theater, TiVo’s game-changing Stream 4K, IMAX Enhanced signature sound, DTS® Play-Fi® whole-home connected wireless audio, or simulated surround sound through DTS® Virtual:X™ technology in a soundbar, our home solutions deliver best-in-class experiences. When consumers see the DTS or TiVo logo on a product, they can be confident that the product contains smarter technology and delivers world-class solutions.


Expertly engineered and delivered Xperi solutions enable extraordinary audio, imaging and entertainment experiences on mobile, PC, and gaming devices and headsets.

Additionally, DTS imaging technologies give mobile devices amazing powers to identify, recognize and improve images.