December 18, 2018

FotoNation Technology Featured in DJI Osmo Pocket: Review Roundup

The DJI Osmo Pocket shocked the world with its incredible small form factor, yet powerful list of features. One of the most impressive is the new inclusion of portrait enhancement capabilities which will enable users to create studio-quality portraits with the touch of a button. Using FotoNation technology, the Osmo Pocket is the first handheld camera gimbal with a portrait enhancement feature.

Since its announcement, here are some of the reviews of the DJI Osmo Pocket:

“For YouTubers and others aspiring to be video influencers, a small, sub-$400, stabilized video camera that actually tracks your face and follows you around while you’re living your Best Life™ might just be the best thing since, well, the previous Osmo.”  – Wired

“The smoothness of resulting video has the potential to be stunning. Think: it’s like an old giant Hollywood crane that offers smooth video, but reduced to the size of a compact flashlight.” – TechRadar

“While it may be smaller than previous DJI stabilizers, the Osmo Pocket still offers some of the company’s advanced shooting modes, too, like object tracking, face tracking, timelapse, and auto panorama.” – The Verge

“The Osmo has more software tools available than the GoPro, including some of the features drone users have had fun with, like FaceTrack, which keeps the action on your face even as you move around, and ActiveTrack, which offers the same tools for your body” – USA Today

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